It is easy to tell if a bonus casino offer is a sticky bonus by the terms and conditions of the casino. Although many online gamblers are unaware of this, a sticky bonus can be just as valuable as a non-sticky bonus. The bonus cannot be withdrawn. To extract the value of a sticky bonus, you must play it differently from a regular bonus.

First, let’s assume that you have the same terms as the non-sticky example. This bonus is not cashable once you have met the wagering requirements. Instead, it is only for wagering purposes. Many players believed that sticky bonuses were useless when they first appeared in online casinos 8 years ago. You can lose the game due to the house edge and you can’t withdraw the bonus from the account. So where is the profit? This example illustrates the point, but it’s too simple. Let’s say that you have met your wagering requirements for this bonus play. Then, you can flip a coin to call heads or tails with even money payouts. After meeting your wagering requirement, you’re now sitting with $190. You will get one of the following results if you choose to place a $190 single bet on a coin flip and not withdraw $90 of your deposit.

You will receive $380 if you win the flip. If you decide to stop playing, you can withdraw the $380, less the $100 sticky bonus. You can withdraw $280 to win $180 on your $100 deposit. Your account will go to zero if you lose. However, you will only have lost the $100 deposit. You will win 50% and lose 50% on a coin flip. This means that you will win $180 50% of time and lose $100 $100 50% of the time.